About us


Fun Games 3D was founded in 2019 and located in Budva, Montenegro, our focus is the creation of ground-breaking, captivating games that deliver rich entertaining experiences to the mobile space. Our team is focus on combining the best of mobile game design with free-to play accessibility, and are passionate about creating experiences that will surprise and delight our players.


What makes us special?

Communication with our community and constant development
We don’t neglect our games once they’re released – we listen to the feedback of our players and implement the changes they suggest, even if they are pretty crazy!



We develop games mostly for mobile platforms, and that’s why optimization is crucial to us. We are doing our best to ensure that our titles work seamlessly and trouble-free even on older devices.


Fair-play free-to-play

You won’t find monetization experts or psychologists among our collaborators. We are convinced that the free-to-play model can offer well-balanced gameplay without forcing the players to spend their money at every step.