Sky Battleships — Total War of Ships

Sky Battleships — a tactical battleship in real time (RTS), in which you have to build a defense war base on the island and take part in the epic battleship of medieval steampunk ships. The game is more like a real-time sea battle with a top view.




— Command a large group of airships in battle;
— Destroy enemy airships by shooting them down with medieval cannons;
— Fight on airships which are powered by steam engines which resemble 17th century Spanish armoured galleons;
— Create your own fort or stronghold on the flying island while building defenses and upgrading your cannons;
— Make an epic battle of airships with your friends;
— Involve your friends to make heroic airship battles
— Compete to become the top pirate in the pirates league and excel as a brilliant pirate and strategist;
— Enjoy colorful 3D effects in high resolution.